Colorado Paranormal combines science with sentience in an attempt to document paranormal activity.  While science allows us to capture the unknown on recording mediums, sensitivity allows us to locate and communicate with spirit.  We believe one should not exclude the other. 
Mainstream media would have you believe that there is a ghost behind every door, a spirit within every shadow.  The truth is, conducting a paranormal investigation is often like fishing; you spend a great deal of time waiting.  Sometimes little to nothing happens.  Yet we continue to search for the inexplicable. 
We have taken over 100,000 photographs, still and digital combined, during the last twelve years.  Hundreds of hours of video and audio.  Out of all of this data, 95% of our findings have been inconclusive or completely devoid of unexplained phenomena.  It is the remaining 5% that we focus on, and share with you here.  It is this 5% that keeps us questioning and searching.



Our approach 


Science, simply put, is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. 
In the strictest scientific terms, some will say that once a person dies, they cease to exist. The only allowance given is the observation that energy never truly ceases - it continues, in another form perhaps, but it does continue. Those who travel in religious or spiritual circles often believe that this very energy is your soul, or the animating and vital principle in humans as well as all living beings. 
At the end of the day, we will all believe (or deny) what we choose. We're not asking you to believe or accept anything - we only ask that you remain open minded.